I can finally establish the best way to focus, or at least the intension to force myself to focus.

Today I finished my hwk so quickly, credit to Di, I was able to focus and just beast thru my crap. SO happy. Now im able to sc2 with some mexican. :)

and kimmm, Ima find u someday :)

No hate.

My Summer vacation (Blog quatro)
  1. K so , Physics exam will be done tmr :D 
  2. No elite for 5 days? fuck yeah
  3. Its twelve and im about to go to bed. Surprise?
  4. Brittney is kinda cool?
  5. Planned to take 3 more Ap’s next year…possibly with Espanol? lol
  6. One more year then im donnne,
  7. Taking socials 11 exam again in october…fml
  8. nighty

no hate. =)

Blog tres?
  1. Freaken hawt today.

  2. Two more days for Physics…Thank godddd. then i can start hc working on my SAT :)

  3. Not too productive this weekend but uhm i get the coming thursday to MOnday off :D sweet ballz

  4. someone teach me how to make my tumblr page look cooler?

  5. I miss times when i can just mess around and party often :O

  6. half more year to go.

No lifeee-ing 

    i've had mine for a solid 3 years :)

    Oh. ms expert. well now i can solid creep ya for the next 3 years. jkk

    hahaha herman i can't believe you have tumblr

    uhmmm poop
    I can’t believe you have tumblr lol
    I just started :) ima noob. 


    and Emma <3 

    Blog Dos
    1. I got OSX Lion today. Freaken awesome, tho still trying to use it explicitly.

    2. Came up to an assumption that, teachers are often dumb and careless, except my primary school ones :D My primary school teachers are the best!

    3. So many tests today.

    4. Not a fan or physics, except optics…cuz I ruv Astronomy.

    5. Fucked up my SAT practice test :( and it was apparently an easier one.

    6. ONE more week till my self-direct physics 11 course is done, then i will beast SAT. PLZZ Berkeley <3 

    7. Tweeting is kinda fun. ps @bchristensen4 is so nice :D

    8. Im current waiting for my Mexican friend to play Starcraft II.

    9. Planning my study schedule :)

    10. I feel like Diana and I have this bro code :O WTF?

    Emma Watson <3
    No Hate. Be a fan.


    Bull freaken shit

    I was doing my physics homework, and I was stuck, so I skipped the question. However, I ended up skipping the whole exercise, but that’s not the problem. I then skipped to the other chapter, and also ended up skipping the whole thing. Trying to figure all these questions, I sat at my desk for 2 hours attempting to do some questions that i had never learnt, and won’t be on the test. I am sure my teacher might have just thrown a bunch of questions to me without himself looking. Damn it.

    No hate, be a fan.

    you WOULD have a gif of Emma Watson

    luv it.